Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Thanks Everyone...

Thanks to all the people who is joining to the Fans Club. I hope this place will keep growing. TheJokerBlogs deserves it....

Sunday, February 15, 2009

My Funny Valentine

'Would you be my Valentine?' Dr. Arkham has a few complains about Quinzel's complicated patient... but The Joker has a great task for his fans.

And finally we have the chance to see a little more from Harleen...oh sorry, Dr. Quinzel.

A Dream Come True

Things have changed now... there's a security guard named Lyle (that's a girl's name...) and Mr. J. has to wear a straight jacket. (That's unfair!)

On this therapy video, Dr. Harleen Quinzel talks to The Joker about his entry to her office at night. And he has the chance to tell a dream he had the night before.

The Dark Knight Before Christmas

Beautiful time of the year...snow, xmas trees, Santa Claus... blood and knives and murder...oh sorry, I let myself go!

This video is not a part of the therapy. In fact, it's a great parody of a The Dark Knight Movie scene, where The Joker threats Batman killing a fake Batman. Well...here you won't see a fake Batman... but believe me, the hostage is very amusing.

LINK: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z3S52Olky-Q&feature=related

Meet Steve

Give The Joker a map to the right office... Would you like to meet Steve?
A little visit to Dr. Quinzel's office from her patient. And an even better gift.

Arkham Bound

A simple question for TheJokerBlogs Fans... have you ever seen a dead body?...
The therapy is advanced now. On this video, The Joker express some really clever ideas from his mind. The relationship with Dr. Quinzel starts to get more interesting. Great dialogue!

Therapy Begins

Therapy with puddin'... sorry I mean Dr. Quinzel begins...

This is the first video of the Blog. It's the beginning of the story, and how The Joker shows his interest on Dr. Quinzel.

LINK: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LtsBDXLa_OE&feature=channel_page

How To Become A Member...

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And then you will receive your ID as a Member.

See ya Agents of Chaos!

Welcome to Chaos

The beginning of this obsession...
Since The Dark Knight appeared, people got fascinated by Heath Ledger's character: THE JOKER.
Since that, fans started to make tributes to this villain. Recreating the image of a been with no past, no history, no identity... just chaos.
On Youtube, you can enjoy thousands of Tributes... but without a doubt, this is the best.
TheJokerBlogs follows the story of The Joker on Arkham, and adds the beginning of Harleen Quinzel and how she becomes in Harley Quinn.
Flawless performances, great dialogues, amazing videos and perfect actors will tell that story.
This is the way to make a tribute to them, because they keep the Joker alive.